MMT Account Software

An Excel Accounting & Business System run on MS Excel

      with Sales, Purchases, Manufacturing and Material Planning functions 
       Support Excel Versions 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007

MMT Account Software Download ( Excel Accounting )
The downloaded zip file contains 4 files.  
Expand and Save all the files in one single folder.
Double click the Excel file named "Setup" to install the software

Remember to enable Excel Macro otherwise the software will not run
90 Days Free Trial

Excel Accounting and MRP system with Sales, Purchases and Inventory

About Mark-Motum Co Ltd and MMT Account Software

MMT Account-Business vs MMT Account-Basic System run on Excel all versions

Guidelines of Excel Accounting Macro setup and MMT Account


Chinese product

Two products of MMT Account Software :--
          Product ID
  MMT Account-Business
  MMT Account-Basic
 Note : 1. The Free Trial Version for download is "MMT Account-Business"
             2. Most updated version number : A02S4K1

MMT Account-Business vs MMT Account-Basic
MMT Account-Business is the recommended version with full modules of G/L accounting, AR/AP accounting, sales, purchases and inventory ;

MMT Account-Basic is a reduced version to meet the basic needs with only General Ledger accounting.

  (Table below lists the major differences between the 2 products)
MMT Account-Business MMT Account-Basic
   Chart of Account Setup Yes Yes
   Journal Report / Voucher Printing Yes Yes
   Income Statement Yes Yes
   Balance Sheet Yes Yes
   Ledger Detail Report Yes Yes
   Trial Balance Yes Yes
   AR / AP Yes  
   Customer Data Setup and Maintenance Yes  
   Product Data Setup and Maintenance Yes  
   Invoice ( new input / amendment ) Yes  
   Sales Order ( full / partial delivery allowed) Yes  
 Import data of Multi-Sales OrdersYes
   Credit Note Yes  
   Receipt Payment Yes  
   Receivable Report Yes  
   Receivable Aged Report Yes  
   Credit Status Report Yes  
   Payment Report Yes  
   Outstanding Order Report Yes  
   Closed Order Report  Yes  
   Stock Status vs Open Order Report
 ( Report Qty Lacking for products and components )
   Supplier Data Setup and Maintenance Yes  
   Purchase Item Setup and Maintenance Yes  
   Delivery Addresses Setup Yes  
   Purchase Order ( new input / amendment) Yes  
   Goods Receiving ( full / partial allowed) Yes  
   Debit Note Yes  
   Payment to Supplier Yes  
   Payable Report Yes  
   Payable Aged Report Yes  
   Payment Report Yes  
   Outstanding PO report Yes  
   Purchase Summary Yes  
   Stock Item Setup and Maintenance Yes  
   BOM Setup Yes  
   Manufacture Product Yes  
   Inventory Adjustment Yes  
   Physical Stock Take Yes  
   Component ( next higher level product listing) Yes  
   Stock item In / Out Report Yes  
   Up-to-Date Stock Detail Report Yes  
   Stock Value Reconciliation Report ( by date) Yes  

Note : Both products have the same outlook appearance.   But, for MMT Account-Basic, the button labelled "Sales, Purchases, Inventory, AR/AP" is disabled